Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nokia 3110c to a web camera

It has been a great day for me. I had just used my nokia 3110c as web camera and it was a thrilling experience.

Thanks to mobiola for providing me this opportunity.

NOTE : You  must have bluetooth stack.

Here are the steps :
  • First download mobiola web cam lite here.
  • Then install mobiola for mobile from here.
  • start the application in computer and mobile.
  • Turn on bluetooth on computer
  • While running the app on the mobile they will ask you allow search.
  • Allow them and your web cam is ready.
Make sure to turn "discovery on" on your bluetooth settings on the computer.

    • Trial version last only for 7 days
    • Its just like taking snap shots and sending(Not continuous)
    • Camera sounds can't be turned off
But you will surely like this against these cons


  1. is using cable from phone to pc is possible.?

    1. no friend. you cannot do like that . you will need a bluetooth connection.

      Using of cable connection for web cam works only for symbian 60 series phone

  2. My phone snaps the picture automatically. Doesn't shows a video! Just to take snaps? And also, my PC says, that my phone is connected but it doesn't shows any video!

    1. Read the disadvanatages i've mentioned....
      "thats all we can expect from an s40 device"


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