Friday, March 5, 2010

Remove Password From microSD card for nokia 3110c OR s40 Phones

If you forgot your password and you are using Nokia 3110c phone ,you are an unlucky person. It is possible to use the memory card with the phone in which password was entered.
But we cannot use that memory card with any other phones.

We can see in net saying that "finding mmcstore file and editing", which is impossible to our phone(s40) b'cause we cannot find any explorer rightly to access our system files.

So the possible ways are
# Get to Nokia care, or any good mobile shop where they can flash your memory card.
But all your data will lost.
#Another method(untried by me)
Get any friend's Nokia s60v5 phone like Nokia 5800
Put ur memory card and donot open it.
The only thing you have to do is to activate Remote locking feature by going to Tools | Settings | Security | Phone and SIM | Allow remote lock menu. .(This allows you to lock your phone by sending lock code as sms to your s60v5 phone)(you might require code 12345(or phone code; given is default) while doing this)
Now send a message with lock code to that phone and phone will be locked.
Now password of your mmc will be changed (Take mmc without unlocking the phone and you mmc password will be lock code )
                                   Check whether it works and inform me plz
unlock phone with mmc in it and try ur luck.......

Plz leave a comment.....


  1. How does locking da fone change the card paaword??????

  2. I haven't tried this procedure.
    But I think, when we lock the phone, the phone locks its memory card also to prevent the usage of memory cards on other devices. If we are lucky, the phone may change our default code by the pin number/ phone's security code. Now we can use this code to unlock the phone.

    Please remember, I haven't tried this procedure and it may be risky.

  3. 1 - first of all download blue-ftp(s40 users)[url=]download here[/url]
    2 - run it on ur phone memory
    3 - now wen u open it it will only show the phone memory
    4 - now remove you memory card for an external slot
    5 - and insert it ........
    6 - there would be a notification on the blueftp that a mem. card is inserted
    7 - in the options of mem. card , set password
    8 - now set any password wich is easy
    9 - now close the bluftp and go inside gallery
    10 - THE MEM. CARD WILL BE UNLOCKED !!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D


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